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    April 15 2014

    There are many reasons why obtaining a second passport or citizenship (dual nationality) may be a smart move for example, political instability in your country makes obtaining visas for travel difficult or impossible, your assets or yourself are at risk of litigation, your freedom to work, invest, and purchase property where you choose is restricted in any way by your current citizenship…

     In such case a second passport may prove useful and we have the solution for you.

    Our colleagues at offshorepremium.com have two options of second citizenship programs, one in Central America (may also include a sealed change of name) the other in South East Asia. Both options are genuine and have been verified.

    The first citizenship program (Central America) can be completed in 30 business days, the second one (South East Asia) in 60 business days. In both cases the applicant is required to visit the country of application at least once during the process. In general the visit will occur at the end of the process to withdraw in person his/her passport at the local passport office.

    For more information about this service please contact corporate@offshorepremium.com


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