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  • Disgraceful Hotel Meeting Saga

    April 15 2014

    I’m very surprised that no one is pointing how disgraceful is the attempt of the Democrats to find fault in Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra meeting with a group of businessmen at the Four Seasons Hotel on Feb 8 2012.I mean this matter has been doing the first pages of Thai newspapers for two weeks fuelled by the Democrats attempts to dirty her character. Firstly there was a lot of innuendo that suggested that this meeting may have been a private one. Then when it was disclosed that she met businessmen talks of impropriety have surfaced.

    The point is that I believe that if Mr. Abihsit had visited an hotel while he was a Prime Minister no one would have raised an eyebrow because Mr. Abhisit is a man and that the only reason that this story is still making the news is because Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is a woman and to the difference of Margaret Tatcher that she is very cute.

    Before this another story did make the first pages of the newspapers about how she was suspected to have cried while visiting people affected by the floods. And what if she did indeed cry? Does it make her a bad Prime Minister? Not at all, it just shows that she is a human being and a decent one for that matter.

    So Mr. Abhisit, yes you have lost to a woman but be manly about it, your tantrums will not change anything, accept it and stop to find fault in her that you would not find in a man. After all the first thing that all long time residents of Thailand learnt is that Thai women are more reliable, and efficient than men who are quite hopeless.


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