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  • 2012 Global Cities Index and Emerging Cities: What is Bangkok Ranking?

    April 15 2014

    AT Kearney has once again published its Global Cities Index (GCI), a joint study performed by A.T. Kearney and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the big question is how did Thailand and especially Bangkok did in this year ranking

    Unfortunately Bangkok that was ranked 22 in 2008 and that slipped to 36 ranks in 2008 because a censorship metric added in 2010 affected the positions of several emerging-market cities has slipped again to the 43 rank out of 66 cities surveyed.

    Of course a lot has happened in Thailand during the past 4 years (2008 world crisis, political problems, red shirt uprising, flooding) and this may explain the fact that Bangkok is slipping away but I think that another issue affecting Thailand as an investment destination is the raise of other countries and cities which see Thailand current weaknesses as an opportunity.

    This tendency is actually confirmed in the second part of the studies that shows the outlook for emerging cities ranking and point the cities which have a potential to emerge has big player in the future. Unfortunately Bangkok is not among the most promising cities such as Beijin, Tapei but also less powerful cities on the rise such as Dhaka, Bangalore, Ho Chi Min City and so on…

    Thailand is not here and Bangkok status quo status is not acceptable . It is time to wake up…

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